Courses are offered for everyone, all ages and skill groups.

Our private training sessions from our qualified instructors will surely give you a taste of the excitement windsurfing can give. If you already know the basics of windsurfing and want to learn how to become an advanced windsurfer, we provide lessons at more advanced levels. In both cases your instructor will constantly be next to you showing you step by step what to do.

All you need is wind, hunger for fun and we will provide you with the know-how, the material and safety.


  • Duration

    1 / 6 hours

  • Min Age

    4-5 years old

1 hour of theoretical training including the correct rigging of the sail. 1 hour of practical training on the beach using a simulator and a rigged sail for better understanding followed by another hour of practice with the first touch on the water. The remaining 3 hours are supervised training sessions with full guidance by the teacher. The package includes all the basics, starting, steering, body position, weight shifting, tacking, beach start and introduction to jibing (eventual harness usage).

Note: The duration is 4 days. Course will be adapted to weather conditions (Includes windsurfing equipment, wetsuit and life jacket).