One of the biggest monuments of Naxos island is the Venetian Castle located in the center of Naxos town.

Built by the Venetian explorer Marco I. Sanoudo around 1207 a.d. , the Castle is steal standing today and it’s one of the most imposing, classic preserved areas of the Island. What better than an afternoon walk in the castle, where you will have the chance to both learn the history of it and also explore all the little shops and cafes located in the alleys of Naxos Castle ( Kastro).

The Tour

  • Duration

    4 hours

  • Persons


  • Includes

    Dinner with a view to the sunset

  • Visit the traditional creamery shop, Koufopoulos, or “Tirokomia Naxou” with its traditional Greek cheeses and other products. Taste a variety of Naxian cheeses.
  • Walking tour of the Venetian Castle in Naxos Town.
  • Light dinner at Old Town’s Oniro Restaurant, seated on its terrace boasting panoramic sunset views of the castle and the port. You’ll enjoy tasting various Mediterranean dishes.
  • Visit the specialty candy shop, “Naxia Sweet Home.” This family-owned business produces homemade candies flavored with local sage, citron, lemon, orange, mastic, ouzo and lime chili, as well as flavors suited to young children. You can watch as some of the candy is prepared before your eyes; you’ll be able to sample the fresh candies and discover your favorite flavors.
  • Your afternoon walk will end with a visit to a shop called “Promponas,” with its large selection of typical Naxian products. You’ll taste the traditional “Naxos Citron” local liqueur from their own production, called “Citron Promponas,” that is made from the pure essence of citron tree leaves.