Goat Cheese Making is one of the ancient crafts that the people mastered, and that was expected because Goats was one of the first animal to be tamed by humans over 9.000 years ago. Goats have used to live in big groups, on wild mountains or in vast plains, they were easily trained to follow orders and answer to the names that humans was calling them. As about the farmers who choose to be Goat Farmers / Goat Cheese Maker their every day routine is full by taking care the goats on the morning and making the cheeses by the night. So let us take you, for one day, throw their daily routine and show you how is to be a Goat Farmer on Naxos island.

The Tour

  • Duration

    5 hours

  • Persons


  • Includes

    Light lunch

  • Today’s highlight is a visit to the family-owned Kaganis Creamery. A shepherd who continues the time-honored family tradition, Yiannis and his wife produce numerous varieties of Naxos’ famous cheeses. He’ll teach you how to make some of these, and not only will you participate, but you’ll get to taste the fruits of your labor. Your meal will be made up of a large variety of delicious and flavorful cheeses, as well as of some delectable Naxian appetizers.
  • Stop at a traditional, generations’ old, family-owned pottery workshop in quaint Damalas Village. Learn how artisans once crafted many of the everyday items used in the kitchens of Naxos’ past. Enjoy modeling potter’s clay with your bare hands, and view the shop’s exposition of antique utensils.