The Greek Mythology is well known among the most, however the involvement of Naxos island throughout the time is not.

Give us the chance to offer you a Magical trip throw history and myths, during which you will have the chance to learn all about the experiences of Zeus (King of the Olympic Gods), Demetra (Goddess of Agriculture) and Dionysos (God of wine and celebration) who loved the island and its people most of all.

Beyond the myths and the stories, Naxos remained one of the largest trading markets in the Cyclades due to its fertile land, which provided it with a multitude valuable goods. Three of the most important of these were citrus, grapes and olives. On this tour, you will have the opportunity to learn first hand how these products have been processed throughout the years, and also to taste unique flavors and spirits.

The Tour

  • Duration

    3 hours

  • Persons


  • Includes

    Light lunch

  • We meet you at your hotel where our journey starts
  • After a short driving we arrive at a beautiful farm where our journey through Mythology and History will take place.
  • We will visit a Winery, where we will saw you all about the process for the production of the Wine.
  • Then we continue by visiting the Distillery, where we will discuss all about the production of the Naxian liqueur “Kitro”.
  • Followed at the end of the tour in the farm we will have a light dinner with different products of the island as well as you will have the chance to taste the different wines and the liqueur.
  • Then we get again in to the van to visit a family owned, fully restored old olive oil factory, where you will have the chance to see and learn all about how the Olive Oil was produced, as well as taste a big variety of products produced by olives or olive oil.
  • Lastly we return at your hotel where we drop you off.