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Naxos Sun Holidays has gathered all available activities in one convenient spot, so you can easily plan your vacation ahead. Or, you can give us some guidelines and we’ll be happy to arrange everything for you. After all, it’s our motto: you make the decision, we do the rest!


Historical tours have been the core of our activities since day one. Follow us on a half-day or full-day sightseeing tour, where you’ll be driven to all must-see places and you’ll discover all the marks the long history of Naxos has left behind. Or, if you’re a walking type, you can join one of our incredible trekking tours.


Did you know that Naxos island has been continuously inhabited since the Neanderthal era? It’s true! Some old crafts, forgotten in most part of the developed world, are still alive in Naxos. Follow us on tour to a traditional pottery workshop for a unique crash-course on pottery making. Or contact us to find out what else is currently brewing!


Naxos is renown for its gastronomy, that heavily relies on its wealth of local products. It’s a common joke among Naxians, that you can’t visit Naxos and be on a strict diet. Join us on our famous culinary tour, or take some time to learn how to make (and taste) goat cheese. Or you can explore delicacies in the narrow alleys of the Old Town and its castle. Or follow Ariadne’s ancient path. Expect some weight gain though!

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