NAXOS SUN HOLIDAYS General Tourist Services is a travel agency located at Aghios Prokopios, one of the longest and most beautiful, white sand beaches in Naxos, voted Fifth Best Beach in the Mediterranean Sea. We have been serving the needs of our clients for over fifteen years. As a family-owned travel agency, we offer you the personalized, detailed level of service you will find nowhere else in Naxos.

We are unique in that it is our pleasure to take as much time as necessary to help you plan your vacation – from making suggestions and recommendations, to advice regarding your options  – without charging you anything additional for this service.


Our specialties include, but are not limited to, in hotels and self-catering units such as studios, apartments and villas.

Other services we provide are car, bike, and quad rentals, ferry and air tickets to and from Naxos, Athens, and other islands, and private transfers.

The tours we offer range from private and small group sightseeing tours around the island, to specialized interest tours from gastronomy to hiking, to water sports, to painting or photography, to a multitude of others, which can be seen on our page. We also offer specialized theme vacation packages of every variety.

NAXOS SUN HOLIDAYS additionally offers daily cruises to many of the nearby islands, such as Paros, Antiparos, Delos, Mykonos, Amorgos, Santorini, and the Small Cyclades, Koufonissi, Iraklia, and Schinoussa, and a variety of others. It will be our pleasure to devise itineraries for your excursions to these islands with your particular interests in mind, and arrange accommodations should you wish to stay over.

If you would prefer to spend more time exploring our own charming island, we offer a full day sailing cruise to exquisite Naxian beaches unreachable by car, with an onboard barbecue.

Should you like to fish, we can offer you fishing cruises with food and drink furnished onboard. Our VIP services include private rental of the entire vessel, to travel wherever you wish, and you select the menu.

The islands are certainly magnificent. However, why not take advantage of traveling through Athens en route, the birthplace of democracy and cradle of civilization, by visiting for a few days, making this time a remarkable part of your vacation? We can help you with accommodations, arrange for organized city tours, and even excursions to historical sites of major importance outside of Athens.

Have a special occasion or event in mind that you would like to celebrate in Naxos, like a Wedding, Baptism, Social Event, or anything else? We can make your ideas reality!

We will be delighted to offer suggestions, itineraries, and solutions to fit all your vacation needs, interests, and budget – NAXOS SUN HOLIDAYS is the personalized and specialized travel agency that will make your vacation memories unforgettable!


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According to the Greek myth of Theseus and Ariadne, after Ariadne had helped Theseus to slay the monster, Minotaur, on Crete, he decided to bring her back to Athens with him, where they were to marry. En route, they stopped on Naxos for provisions, where Theseus had a change of heart. As son of the king of Athens, .....>> READ MORE

Something only Naxos Sun can offer are private, custom-designed island tours, created just for you! See and experience the real Naxos with all its charm, sights, flavors, and warm and hospitable inhabitants. Spyros, a born and raised Naxian, will help you create unique and priceless memories to bring home with you. .... >>. READ MORE

Culture, cuisine, history: The perfect alternative to the simple sightseeing tour! Our innovative gastronomy tours incorporate Naxian history, culture, and cuisine, and therefore are so much more than just cooking classes. We want you to experience the joy and richness of all Naxos has to offer.

Although we can handle any aspect of your trip, we have fifteen years' experience specializing in accommodation, especially in Naxos, the Small Cyclades, and in Athens. We are pleased to offer you the very best variety of new and recently renovated hotels and rooms, as well as self-catering studios, apartments and villas. Owing to the excellent, close .... >> READ MORE

Naxians have something they refer to as Ariadne’s Syndrome: Just as in the myth of Ariadne, who came to Naxos, fell in love and never left, we believe that once those who come to Naxos to visit, they fall in love with it and want to stay forever. And if they can’t manage that, many people simply return to it year after year! Ever considered owning your own little bit of ...>> READ MORE

Reviews are the best way to accurately evaluate a service before actually making the decision to take advantage of it yourself. Naxos Sun is proud to share with you actual customer reviews. These reviews were handwritten by our highly satisfied clients in our Guest Book, viewable in our office should you wish. Meanwhile, we have provided ....